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Regarding The Elkhorn Lodge Property

To The Editor and the Estes Park Planning Commission:

Elkhorn Lodge is a cornerstone of Estes Park history at the edge of downtown.
Although I know time goes forward and change is inevitable, I feel plans for a high-density planned unit development (PUD) should be considered slowly, carefully and thoughtfully with an eye on our historical past.
Some of the following trouble me:

• The proposed road over to Moraine from the property is steep on the north side. Would it be expensive to maintain and a dangerous route in the winter?

• High density “million dollar houses” built on thumbnail size lots-would they impact the existing wildlife paths and beauty on the mountaintop?

• Cutting down the existing trees to build these homes-would this create an environmentally unstable ground, creating future problems?

• Would the commercial part of this PUD do anything to increase tourism during the winter months or would again we have more empty stores?

• Are you protecting the historic barns, lodge and outbuildings for our future generations or are they just being destroyed?

• Does approval of this PUD’s preliminary plan open doors that cannot be controlled when the developer changes them later?

• Have all the studies been completed so that there will be no further problems down the road?
Please Estes Park Planning Commission, do not rush this process for the wonderful historic site that we have in our midst.

Dawn Janov
Estes Park, Colorado

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