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Regarding Accessory Dwelling Units

Dear Editor:

Property owners in the Estes Valley need to be aware of a proposal currently under consideration by the Estes Valley Planning Commission that will likely impact property values and the mountain beauty of the Estes valley.

The proposal ( will allow construction of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) on all lots of one acre or more within the Estes valley. Either the main dwelling or the ADU may be rented. It may not happen immediately but, as the years roll by, the proposed code changes will allow a huge increase in the housing density throughout the valley.

This proposal will circumvent current zoning regulations that limit the number of dwellings on each lot. Although covenants of some homeowners’ associations prohibit accessory dwellings, the allowance by municipal code of such structures might be used as rationale for violation of covenants. The Planning Commission is doing a good job of grappling with this issue but the need for citizen input is crucial. Please attend the next Planning Commission meetings (third Tuesday of the month, 1:30 p.m., Town Hall) to learn about the proposal and how it may impact the Estes valley, and to voice your opinion. Meeting agendas are posted on the Town website  (

Don Sellers, Estes Park, CO

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