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Redistricting In Estes Park

Eric Weissmann, Kevin Lundberg and local Mack Hunt. Courtesy photo

By: Michelle Hurni

In the recent redistricting of the Colorado congressional districts, Estes Park and Larimer County were moved out of CO-4, represented by Cory Gardner, and into CO-2, the Boulder district.

With this new positioning of Estes Park, two strong Republican candidates, Kevin Lundberg and Eric Weissmann, are running against the incumbent, Democrat Jared Polis. Both candidates spoke in Estes Park on Saturday, February 18 at the Estes Valley Library.

Eric Weissmann is an entrepreneur from Boulder who has never run for office before and wants to tell Washington “leave us alone.” He’s involved with education reform and running for Congress because, “I want to make sure we aren’t the first generation that fails the next generation.” He is also “frustrated and angry at the dysfunctional antics in Washington; and because the only people with a chance to make things better are not the politicians climbing a career ladder, but people like me who’ve been successful in the private sector and exercised leadership in their communities.” Eric hates labels, but calls himself a “small government conservative.” He can be contacted at 303/962-4904 or 303/915-2549 or

Veteran State Senator Kevin Lundberg is taking his campaign for Colorado State Congress to the people. He has owned and operated Lundberg Productions, a media and video production service, for the past 31 years. A third generation Coloradan, he has served on the Board of Trustees for Colorado Christian University from 1986-2002, helped found Christian Home Educators of Colorado in 1990, and is active with Galilee Church in Loveland. He can be contacted at, 970-818-6270 or

After the Republican primary in June, the race will probably be between one of these two men and Democrat Jared Polis. In the newly redrawn district, it’s important for Larimer County residents to get out and vote so we can have a say in who represents us in Washington, and not just let Boulder decide.

The next Tea Party meeting will be held at the Estes Valley Library on Saturday, March 17. For more information, click on, or Michelle Hurni’s website: Stay tuned for the next social gathering, Monday evening, April 16 at Notchtop.


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  • KevinG

    Good luck to both Gentlemen in beating Pollis! Neo-conservatives in EP have effectively been silenced. Get used to a new and more progressive future EP. Time for antiquated, “me first” politics to become a thing of the past. It’s long overdue!

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