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Recent Mountain Lion Activity In Our Area

The mountain lions in our area have been quite active lately. These awesome predators live in and around the Estes Valley and residents are being reminded to be cautious as we share our territory with the lions.

The Rocky Mountain Cat Conservacy and DOW educational and response volunteers are available when there are sightings, kill sites or animal tracks to identify.

Proper interaction rules of behavior for animal encounters are:

• Do not approach any animal for any reason.

• Photograph from a distance

• Bring your pets in at night.

• Stay away from kill sites, they are very dangerous

• Trash, dog and cat food bowls, bird feeders should always be in a secure place and brought in at night.

• Be especially cautious when out at dawn or dusk, the time when the cats are most active.

You may call DOW volunteers or Cat Conservacy volunteers for track identification, to report sightings and kill sites, and/or for educational assistance.

Information is available on mountain lions at Rocky Mountain Cat Conservancy website at or you may call

Jayne Zmijewski at 970-586-9427.

In case of potentially dangerous situations, please call the Estes Park Police Dispatch number at 586-4000 who can contact a CDOW Wildlife Manager in the area.

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