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Rec District FAQ’s

What are the number of the ballot issues for the Recreation District’s mill levy and bond issue?

4C is mill levy. 4D is the bond.

If I am in favor of these issues, do I vote “Yes” or do I vote “No”.

On both issues, “Yes” means “In favor,” “No” means “Not in favor.”

What happens if the mill levy, 4C, fails?

There will not be an expansion of services such as trails and no funds to operate the Community Center. In addition there will not be funds for the maintenance of existing Stanley Park facilities such as the tennis and basketball court resurfacing and shelter renovations. Pine beetle protection and tree replanting are also included in the mill levy and would be at risk.

The mill levy also includes $40,000 for the Recreation District to pay for its increased share of the operational cost of the current Aquatic Center. Currently the Recreation District is using its reserve funds to pay for these increased costs. The Recreation District’s agreement with the School District is renewable for another five years, contingent upon the Recreation District finding this $40,000. If the mill levy does not pass, the Board will have to determine what fees to increase, what programs to cut or whether it can afford to offer an aquatics program for the community.

Where will funds for the operation of the Community Center come from?

The Recreation District has prepared a portfolio for the Community Center. The expenses are anticipated to be $440,000 per year and include utilities, custodial and maintenance staff, programming staff including life guards, supervisory staff, and contract instructors, insurances and funds set aside for future maintenance. Sixty-eight percent of these expenses ($300,000) are expected to be covered through revenues including rents from nonprofits and child care agencies, gym and Aquatic Center fees and rental fees for classrooms. Fees for visitor will be 25 percent greater than fees for community members. The difference of $140,000 between anticipated expenses and revenues is included in ballot issue 4C.

When you say that the combined cost of the mill levy and bond will be $2.72 per month per $100,000 home value, what does this mean?

The County Assessor appraises all homes according to what the County Assessor believes is the market value of your house. This is the amount that the County thinks you should be able to sell your house for on the market. This value is on your tax bill and is used in the calculation of your tax bill.
In the case of 4C and 4D, the cost of the combined ballot measures is $2.72 per month or $32.64 per year for every $100,000 value of your house, as appraised by the County Assessor.

I don’t like the looks of the proposed Community Center. Is this design final?

The general configuration of the building is pretty well set, but the Recreation District and its architect are happy to hear the community’s concerns and to make modifications within financial limitations. If the bond is approved, there will be public meetings for the community to offer their comments. The District wants to ensure that the design of the building is compatible with our mountain setting.

How do we know that the Community Center’s interior isn’t going to have wasted space and expensive finishing’s?

The interior is functional and the interior finishes are drywall and paint except in the pool areas.  Floor plans are available for review on the web site

Where can I learn more about the Community Center and other components of 4C and 4D?

There will be two presentations on Monday, September 22 at the Hondius Room, at 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Other presentations are being made at various service clubs and other organizations.

Comments (2)

  • D. Scott

    Maybe someone could answer this question…why is the ALL so important issue with the PINE BEETLES included with the Recreation Districts Mill Levy? I believe that the Pine Beetle issue is much more critical and it should NOT be a part of the Community Center vote. If we have the loss of numerous and substantial Ponderosa Pine trees here in Estes and the Park, there will be NO Estes Park in the future.

  • slash

    The only pine beetle issue include is as follows:

    “Tree maintenance – Funds would be used for tree spraying, removal of trees, and tree planting to combat the pending infestations of pine beetle on District properties. $24,000″

    The way it reads ‘district properties’ seems to indicate property owned by the park & rec district. This does not appear to indicate any other property – town owned or otherwise.

    It should be fairly obvious to everyone in Estes that the beetles cannot be stopped. They may be slowed, but there here and they’re hungry!

    Look at other tourist towns in Colorado that the beetles have already conquered – Vail, Frisco, Dillon, Breckenridge and even Grand Lake. Have those economies suffered greatly because of the beetles?

    Estes may suffer in the short term, but the tourists, just like the beetles, are here to stay…

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