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Rec Center Proposal From Local Teen

Dear all whom this may concern,

As a teenager and athlete in our community it has come to my attention that in Estes Park there is no place where people can go and play basketball year round; schools aren’t open to the public, the YMCA closes during the winter, and the courts located near Stanley Park are incompetent for the use of local players due to cracks in the surface and less than desirable hoops. All of these are decent attempts to provide a location for community basketball players but they aren’t well enough maintained for the players.

Over the past half dozen months, I have become affiliated with the Recreation Department as a referee, and last year I was a coach. This year the “Rec” basketball league has a total of 10 co-ed teams, last year they had 12 boys teams. I thought to myself where did all of these kids go? Possibly they lost interest or joined a competitive team in the valley. Well, maybe if we had a fun and safe place for kids to hang out and play basketball or lift weights all of those kids would become active again.

My proposal is to create a Community Center where the old elementary school stands. This is a perfect location since it is already equipped with a weight room, a basketball court, and a spare room for a snack bar or lobby. On the 24″‘ of February 2008 I visited the Castle Rock Community Center. When I walked in I thought that it was a school; there were kids working out, swimming, playing basketball, just having fun. In our society it is estimated that 25% of our population ages 12-21 have no exercise involved in their lives. This is why our country’s obesity rate is rising exponentially and if we don’t stop that our great country will be the most obese in the world. A Community Center would be a step towards a healthy society and give generations to come a place to keep our community healthy. Although this proposal may take a large sum of money to get off the ground, I have faith that the people who have raised children or watched children grow up in Estes Park will help out and see that kids return to their former activities.

Once the center has been built we will also need funding to maintain it. My vision to fulfill the funding necessities are as follows: Add a snack bar or restaurant in the old cafeteria, sell memberships to the weight gym and basketball courts, and have clothing apparel with a Community Center logo. The profit from these sales will be able to pay a portion of the upkeep and the original cost of construction. We could also rent the center out to groups and speakers to generate income. I really hope that money doesn’t stand in the way of a health center for our town.

Please consider this proposal and think about how it could help Estes Park and benefit generations to come, possibly your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The benefits of this center, in my mind outweigh the barriers and roadblocks:
• A safe and fun place for kids to play
sports and work out
• A place for families
• A hangout for youth
• A meeting place for local groups

With the help of all who I have sent this to, we might be able to….no, I know,  that we can make this proposal possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and for your consideration of my proposal. I hope to see you at the Community Center with my friends and other children of Estes Park in the near future.

Sam KellerTwigg, age 15

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