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Quota Club Wraps Up Another Great Year!


By: Debbie Holmes, Quota President 2008-2010

The Estes Park Quota Club is wrapping up a very busy year which highlighted some very special community projects.

We’re Buying Another Ambulance!

This year Quota was involved with helping raise the money for a new ambulance for our community. The club has been involved with helping fund 13 previous ambulances over the last 48 years, making this our 14th ambulance! This year, our goal was to raise $60,000.00 (1/2 of the cost of this new ambulance), and so far, we have helped raise $47,500.00. This week, we gave that money to the ambulance crew so that the new ambulance can arrive in time for our busy summer season here in Estes Park.

Community Easter Egg Hunt!

On Thursday, March 26th Quotarians stuffed over 5,000 eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt which was held on March 28th. The event is for all the kids in our community! This was the 5th year that we’ve been in charge of this event. We welcomed approximately 400 kids from birth through 10 years of age. The Easter Bunny w/ his side kick “Peep” was in attendance as well as free coffee and donuts for everyone. The best part is the 20 winning Easter Baskets that were won by finding the “winning” eggs! It was a great morning!  We love being able to host such a wonderful event to our community!

Taste of Estes Celebrated its 25th Year!

The Taste of Estes is one of our two big fund raisers that we host every year. This year we made over $10,000.00 for our club with this event alone. On April 23rd Quota hosted our 25th annual the Taste in Estes Park (It was our Silver Anniversary). It was a night when 24 local restaurants brought delicious food to share with 550 guests. It was a fun feast for all who attended! Last year, we added a raffle to win hand-painted one of a kind artist decorated birdhouses, and twenty four people were lucky enough to take home a beautiful birdhouse.
In December, we hosted our annual “Holiday Home Tour” which turned out to be another fabulous success. The tour had five beautiful homes, all decorated to the hilt in beautiful holiday decorations. The club raised $8,056.00 through ticket sales and our always popular Christmas tree raffle!

Our Medical Loan Closet

Our Medical Loan closet continues to bring in a lot of money and help many of those in need. Our loan closet it designed for individuals only needing temporary medical equipment to borrow what they need while recovering from an injury, surgery or medical issue. We loan out walkers, crutches, potty chairs, shower chairs and even hospital beds! It’s a big service that requires many dedicated Quota ladies (and their husbands) to keep it working. The money raised is the result of the individuals giving us their “deposit” as a donation to our club!

Other Donations made this year by our club to our local community:
Siemens Hearing Aid Project (through Denver Metro Quota Club): $4,400.00
Local Hearing aide given to child: $700.00
EVICS (Estes Valley Investment in Childhood Success): $2,500 for scholarships and training
Special Transit of Estes Valley (Giving rides to senior citizens and special needs): $2,500
Local Public Library for after school programming: $450
Various Scholarships to women in our Community: $785
Crossroads Food Bank: $1,000.00
Quota International: $1,000.00
Easter Egg Hunt: $1,043.87
Quota Loan Closet: $7,000 to Ambulance Drive
Quota Taste of Estes: $2,000 to Ambulance Drive
Quota Holiday Home Tour: $2,000 to Ambulance Drive
Quota Foundation: $2,000 to Ambulance Drive

This fiscal Quota Year, the Estes Park club has raised and given back to our community: $73,000.00

It’s been a great year for the Quota Club of Estes Park

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