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Proposed Community Center Makes Good Business Sense

To The Editor:

I have been a small business owner in Estes Park for three years. I love Estes Park and can’t imagine a better place to live. As a small business owner, I am acutely aware of our dependence on tourism for survival. Tourism is a competitive business. There are many other mountain communities competing for the same tourist dollars we are. For this reason, I am in full support of the proposed community center, mill levy and bond issues 4C & 4D.

Currently, our tourism season is very short. The weather is the main reason for this. I have talked to people who would love to be up here in our beautiful town in the winter, but without an indoor recreational alternative they are discouraged from bringing their family up for the weekend. I believe that having an indoor recreational center will help us to get more visitors year round.

The other major issue I see is that we are continually losing families due to the fact that there aren’t more indoor activities during the long winter months. The proposed community center may also entice residents who live here part-time to stay longer. I truly believe our local economy will benefit from a community center.
As a resident of Estes Park, I look forward to having a place to go to in the winter and year round to connect with others young and old. I see our community center as the hub of our town. It will have something for everyone.

4C and 4D make good business sense for Estes. Please vote yes!

Bill Prohs
Estes True Value and Radio Shack

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