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Program On Grizzly Bears At The Baldpate Inn

Baldpate-BearEver wanted to know how grizzly bears live? Find out first hand this coming Wednesday, July 31st during our Summer Enchanted Evening at The Baldpate Inn. Dick and Barb Thompson have both spent time living with real wild grizzly bears and will be sharing their adventures with a special presentation.

They traveled to the National Park of Katmai on the Alaskan Peninsula. This park was originally established for protection around the area of the major 1912 volcanic eruption of Novarupta, which formed the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes.

The vast majority of Katmai visitors come to Brooks Camp, one of the only developed areas of the park, and few venture further than the bear viewing platforms. Rangers at the park are extremely careful not to allow bears to obtain human food or get into confrontations with humans. As a result, bears in Katmai Park are uniquely unafraid of and uninterested in humans, and will allow people to approach (and photograph) much more closely than bears elsewhere.

The excitement begins at 7 p.m., with complimentary refreshments and cookies. Telephone 970-586-KEYS (5397) for dinner reservations, directions, or more information.

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