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Poppy’s Restaurant Hosts Saturday Fundraiser For Victim Advocates

poppys-new-logoAs you read this at least two women in the U.S. are being beaten or attacked.

Each hour there are more than 300 daughters being harassed or abused by their partner.

Today over 3,000 women, in the United States, will be physically assaulted by someone they know.

Would you know what to do in situations like these? Stranger attacks are only part of the problem of women’s safety. Most attacks and abuse on women come from those they know and love. Estes Park is a small community that is proud to send off our recently graduated seniors to make their mark on the world! Poppy’s Pizza & Grill and Estes Valley Victim Advocates would like to send them off with just a little more knowledge that will arm them to make safer choices no matter where they are headed. On June 6, we are teaming up with Girls Fight Back to present a FREE safety & self defense seminar in Estes Park. This exciting event would cost upwards of $25 anywhere else, but to ensure the safety of our girls and women, Estes Valley Victim Advocates is providing this seminar FREE.

Estes Valley Victim Advocates assists victims of crime plus domestic violence and sexual assault incidents here in Estes Park. Often women do not have the skills to defend themselves, the misconception is they need special training in self defense to be able to fend off an attacker.

Actually there are many simple techniques that will empower women to a safer life. Erin Weed, founder of Girls Fight Back, has been empowering girls by teaching them basic defense techniques that are simple to use no matter what situation you may be in. This seminar will teach you where attackers are vulnerable, how to prevent violence, verbal self defense, de-escalating confrontations, trusting intuition, improvised weapons and much more. We invite ALL women and girls to meet the staff and advocates of Estes Valley Victim Advocates while being entertained through this empowering seminar.

Poppy’s Pizza & Grill has teamed up with Estes Valley Victim Advocates to help raise funds for My Sister’s Place. On June 6 from 11-5 p.m. they will donate 10% of sales! “In these tough economic times, it is hard for non profits to raise funds, this is a big help to have Poppy’s support. As many may guess, this is when our services are needed the most, so a huge thank you to Rob and the staff at Poppy’s,” comments Annette Marshall, My Sister’s Place Manager (an emergency shelter for women and children of domestic violence). Estes Valley Victim Advocates provides temporary safehousing through My

Sister’s Place, free counseling and assistance in partnering with other local agencies to help these  families locate safe violence free living.  “This exciting partnership with Rob Pieper at Poppy’s, will help many families with starting a new violence free beginning. Just having a place where a women can come and clear her head, talk to people who can guide her and locate assistance to steer her in a safer,  violence free direction can save lives. Having wonderful business partners to assist us in offering these services is a lifesaver.” comments Annette.

June 6 from 11-12:30 attend Girls Fight Back Seminar at Performance Park. From 11 -5 let’s pack the house at Poppy’s Pizza & Grill to help raise funds for My Sister’s Place! Estes Valley Victim Advocates offers free counseling, advocacy, referral services for victims of crimes as well as safe violence free temporary housing for women & children of domestic violence. Contact us at 970-577-9781 or find us on Facebook.

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