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Please Help Us Keep Everyone Safe On US Hwy. 34

construction-road-closedYou can play a significant role in the ongoing efforts to rebuild US 34 by staying out of the area while construction crews are working. This includes all modes of travel through the area including on foot, ATV, passenger vehicle, horseback, motorcycle and bicycle.

With hundreds of pieces of heavy equipment moving in different directions, large sections of roadway missing and debris scattered over several miles, the area is just not safe for the general public. Inclement weather conditions including snow and ice this time of year will only make it more dangerous for people to be in the area.

Guided access to homes in the Drake area is being provided so you can retrieve items and winterize your property. Access was provided at noon on Tuesday, Oct. 8, and again at noon on each subsequent Sunday for the time being.

Residents will need to provide proof of residency to get into the area and then be out of the area by 5 p.m. so barricades can be put back in place across the road.

Access is restricted at all other times and everyone is asked to stay outside the barricades on either end of the highway.

Thank you for your help in keeping everyone safe!

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