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Please Help Keep Roadways Clean!

To the residents and visitors of the Estes Valley:

During a recent effort to “clean up the roadways” and restore the pristine beauty of our area, my neighbor and I have come to realize the daunting nature of this task.  There are obviously those who “discard” along the roads, and those who “pick up.”  Right now it looks like the former are exceeding the latter!

We need your help. No meetings, no organizational time wasted, no particular time to set aside—just grab a glove and a bag and go about it. Any time spent will help; any place you live, drive by, or hike will look better. Join those who “pick up” and shift the balance in a positive direction.

To add to the enjoyment, grab a friend or group. It’s also good exercise.

PS: As an additional thought: since it is against the law in Colorado to discard cigarette butts from a car, why do we pick up so many of them roadside? This is a serious fire hazard, not to mention unsightly.  Please, if you must smoke, do not throw your butts out your car window.

Marilyn Vergoth
Tara Moenning

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