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Pencils For Malawi

Estes Park resident Rene Moquin along with other volunteers from Estes Park, Colorado and from throughout the United States will journey to Malawi, East Africa with Marion Medical Mission on September 17. Their mission is to help install 2,500 shallow water wells in remote villages in Malawi, Zambia and Tanzania.

Marion Medical Mission (MMM) is an ecumenical tax exempt organization that works hand-in-hand with remote villagers. This is a unique program. We build Shallow Wells that are technologically appropriate, inexpensive to build, can be built in the most remote areas, can be easily maintained by the local village people, has spare parts available, and the extreme poor can afford to maintain.

The difference between the existing water sources and these wells is literally the difference between life and death. Over 80% of children, who die before the age of five; die due to water borne illnesses. Where the shallow wells have been installed the infant mortality rate has been reduced considerably.

“Each of the villages I visited last year is dealing with the struggles that subsistence farmers face in a land that only rains five months a year. It’s one thing to hear about children dying of waterborne diseases in the news. It’s another to have held their hands and witness the tears and joys of tasting clean water for the first time. We are making a difference.”

While in Malawi last year, in addition to installing water wells, Rene visited a number of remote schools. Teachers and students lack the basic essentials for teaching and learning. Rene will be taking teaching supplies for the teachers. With the avid support of John Bryant, Estes Park Elementary School principal, and the third grade teachers, the third grade students have agreed to supply pencils for their counterparts in Malawi. At the end of August the third graders had the opportunity to be exposed to hard living conditions in Malawi. They all wanted to participate in some small way. They now have an opportunity to connect.

Anyone also wanting to make a cash donation should send donations to MMM in care of Rene Moquin, PO Box 4303, Estes Park, Co 870517.

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