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Pedestrians Cross With Traffic At Downtown Traffic Signals

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Traffic signals in downtown Estes Park are now programmed to allow pedestrians to cross in the same direction as traffic, meaning if east and west traffic has a green light, pedestrians moving east and west will have a walk signal.  Signals at the three downtown traffic lights (U.S. 34/U.S. 36, Riverside Drive/Elkhorn Avenue and Moraine Avenue/Elkhorn Avenue) now follow the common practice for pedestrian traffic.  “The changes in the signal programming allow pedestrians and traffic to move efficiently through the intersection,” said CDOT Traffic Engineer Larry Haas.  “This change also reduces the amount of red signal wait time for motorists, which reduces the amount of pollution in the downtown corridor.”

Previously, the signals at Riverside Drive/Elkhorn Avenue and Moraine Avenue/Elkhorn Avenue stopped traffic in all directions to allow pedestrians to cross in all directions. The new timing allows pedestrian crossing to be consistent with all the downtown intersections.

The pedestrian signal at all three intersections will be automatic from 9:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. daily. Outside of these hours, pedestrians must push a button to get the signal to cross. Estes Park Police Department Community Service Officers will be available to assist pedestrians as needed during the day.

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  • jmeyerco

    Evidently, the person or persons who came up with this bright idea, have no concept of what this will do this summer. Traffic will be backed up for miles trying to get through town. Why, you ask? Elkhorn traffic going east have one lane. When the light turns green, all the pedestrians will flood the intersection, all right turning cars wanting to go onto Moraine will be held up until the intersection is clear (guess when that will be?). Now all the east bound traffic will be at a standstill until all right turning traffic can make their turns. Now for the west bound traffic: Again, the right turning traffic wanting to go up Big Horn Drive will have the same problem, pedestrians walking with the light until it turns red. Meanwhile, all the west bound through traffic will back up for several light changes. I for one will hope that it isn’t backed up past the bypass so I can get west of town. Hopefully, it won’t be backed up past the bypass going east so I can get home from the west side. Who comes up with these bright ideas?

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