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Park R-3 Construction Update

Estes Park News - Gary Hazelton

Estes Park News – Gary Hazelton

By: Park R-3 Supt. Linda Chapman

The renovation of our campus, thanks to our generous community’s support, is about a month from being completed. Currently the middle and high schools, along with the stadium, comprise the major projects.
At the high school, the finishing touches are being added to the student center, technology lab, athletic and concession area, restrooms, and main office area. All aspects of the high school construction are on schedule.

A special thank you goes out to the Perry Black Fitness Center Committee and to the BACERs for their very generous donations of weight room and gymnasium equipment.

The stadium project is coming along nicely. The Neenan Company is adding additional bleacher seating for 100 fans, ADA access, larger-capacity restrooms and much needed landscaping. Thanks to Brett Weaklim and his Eagle Scout Project as well as donations from the Estes Park Lumber Yard, Kearney Construction and The Neenan Company, the stadium will boast a new ticket booth this season.

The middle school is undergoing a complete overhaul this summer, including new infrastructure such as electrical wiring, plumbing and HVAC as well as several new laboratory areas: science, technology, computer, consumer and family studies, kitchen/cafeteria and special needs. In reality, the entire building is being updated, including the replacement of all of the single-pane windows. A new ramp has been added to allow ADA access to the main entrance, and many security features will enhance visual supervision of the commons and entry areas. The Neenan Company has done outstanding work all throughout the campus, and we are very pleased with the progress so far.

As a reminder, when school starts this fall, all of our classrooms, PK-12, will be equipped with Smart Boards and up-to-date furniture and equipment.  The entire campus will be hard-wired AND wireless for internet and network access. Each building will be equipped with computer labs and mobile laptop labs.

The playgrounds have new ADA compliant surfaces thanks to the district receiving a DOLA (Department of Local Affairs) grant.  The new surface is made of recycled tires, and as such, it is a soft surface that allows for wheelchair access.

This is a very special year for the Park School District R-3. It is our 125th anniversary as well as the end of our two year long construction project! Everyone in the community is invited to celebrate with us during Homecoming weekend, September 26 and 27. Our Celebration Committee is working hard to ensure that ALL will have a great time as they host special events for the Homecoming Game on Friday night and the Grand Opening on Saturday!

Mark your calendar for September 26 & 27!

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