It’s dry. People are speculating that Longs Peak will be open to non-technical ascents much earlier than usual. Maybe old Fall River Road too. The pine pollen is coating everything. Literally. The wildflowers are blooming before they’re supposed to. We hope campers have enough sense to burn fires only in designated fire rings because the mere thought of a forest fire causes us to break out in a sweat. The lines at Safeway, at the cinnamon roll stores, and into—and out of—Rocky Mountain National Park are growing longer by the day.

The season is upon us. Are you ready?

Mike Headley, my four-season wardrobe consultant (some call him Oscar de la Headley) is. He sent me a photo of the most recent fashion trends so I would know how to dress for local success as this small town begins to swell with visitors, kind of like a water balloon about to pop. I’m sharing his advice with you so we can all look like we know what we’re doing out there in the wilds of Estes Park.

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