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Open House A Healthy Success

To The Editor:

Thank you to all who attended our open house gathering and to all who supported us from afar. In addition, here is the list of winners from the raffle held to benefit Local Roots Coop:
Qigong treatments-Joanne Gau, Vicki Schroeder, Sue Buckner, Linda Hanak, Judy Makivicka, Sharon Pfeiffer and Renee Hodgen

1 pound of raw cacao chocolate: Tess Moore

Copper ear cuff  by local artist Donna Depauw: Sue Buckner

Ginger root treatments: Dave Payne, Vicki Schroeder

“Messenger” hawk print by local artist Jan Landers-Eli Roehl

“Redwoods” collage art by Boulder artist Willow Arlenea: Kathy Miles

We raised $120. Lets intend together that these funds multiply 100 fold in the upcoming year and that the coop is able to provide healthy food at affordable prices for the community! Happy opne heart season everyone!

Carol Heimann C.M.T. from A Matrix of Healing Therapeutic Massage and Janis Reichstad C.Q.P. from Centter for Wholeness

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