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Open Air Adventure Park Offers Fun For Everyone!

Calling all thrill seekers! The new, exciting Open Air Adventure Park is now open in Estes Park and it’s a first of its kind for our community. Aerial adventure parks are the newest craze to hit the US and are following quickly in the footsteps of zip line tours. There are literally thousands of adventure parks in Europe and a relatively small, but growing, number in operation in the U.S. Estes Park is lucky to have this one!

Adventure-ParkThis fun, new business is family owned and operated and their idea for this park started about three years ago when Tim Kreutzer and his wife Catherine went to Catherine’s parents, Jim and Amy Croft to ask them if they would go into business with them to build an aerial adventure park. After Jim and Amy asked “What is an aerial adventure park?” they asked them to put together a business plan and the rest is history.

Tim has built, inspected and trained on challenge courses for the past 10 years. He designed the course and all the elements at the new Open Air Adventure Park. On a vacation to Estes Park, Catherine and Tim found the property they built their park on. The four have been working with the Town for two years now and are pleased to report that they were able to open last Saturday, May 24th.

This new park has 32 elements on cables on two levels at 10 and 21 feet. Each level has 16 elements that a participant can try. They have hanging chairs, mini ziplines, suspended logs; even a bench to sit on that has spectacular views of the mountain range. There are multiple difficulty levels to challenge people of almost any fitness level. The cables are bolted to poles that are buried nine feet into the ground and rise to 30 feet. The cables can hold a weight of 14,400 lbs. (They stress that they are absolutely obsessed with safety).

Participants on the Open Air Adventure Park must be age seven and up and weigh between 50 lbs.- 250 lbs.

At the start of your adventure, each participant is put in a full body harness and a helmet and goes through a 20 minute training before going up on the course. The harness has safety lanyards that work together. As participants go through the course they clip from cable to cable to get to each element. As one clip is transferred, the other one locks automatically. When the first clip is locked to the next cable the other can then be unhooked to transfer. Hence, a person is always locked onto a cable. A participant cannot unlock himself.

The participant has 90 minutes (including the training) to navigate the course independently. There are two facilitators on the course and one under the course at all times. Their certified facilitators go through 50 hours of intensive training with ongoing weekly training. Aerial Adventure Parks are very low risk, but all facilitators are trained for any possible emergency. The most likely scenario is someone getting stuck on an element because of cold feet. Usually talking is all that is needed, but they can certainly bring somebody down if necessary.

All gear and the course are examined for wear and damage every day.

The cost per participant is $33 for 90 minutes of adventure.

At Open Air, their goal is to create an adventure experience that will be fun for everyone. During your 90 minute adventure they will provide 32 exciting elements at 10 and 21 feet above the ground. Their park is for adventure seekers ready to try out life high above the ground.

Hours of the park are 10:00-6:00 Monday-Thursday and 9:00-7:00 Friday – Sunday.

Open Air Adventure is celebrating their Grand Opening this Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. (check in by 5:15 to make sure you get your full 90 minute adventure). Refreshments will be served.

Open Air is located at 490 Prospect Village Drive. You can call  970-235-0092 or more information or check out their website which you’ll find at                   

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