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Observations On UTSD From Board Member

Dear Editor:

In response to the letter from Gregg & Suzanne Jurgens suggesting a “positive change in leadership” on the Board of Directors of the Upper Thompson Sanitation District, I offer these observations:

1. The Upper Thompson Sanitation District board of directors formally adopted Rules and Regulations last December that apparently a lot of contractors and engineers don’t like. They don’t like them because we’re enforcing them. The rules and regulations bring the UTSD into compliance with minimum standards on health and the environment required by state and federal law. Which law do they NOT want us to enforce? The one that prohibits substandard construction so we don’t have a sewer pipe leaking down the hill into your house? Or into the river that flows through your property?

2. Some in this community would like to see a return to the “good ol’ boy system” at UTSD, where planning documents were rubber-stamped “approved” and compliance often came with a wink and a nod. What engineer is willing to put his state license and professional reputation on the line by approving a document that fails to meet state and federal standards? It’s my understanding that was common practice a few years ago. Not any longer at UTSD. The “good ol’ boys” are gone.

3. The Town of Estes Park is planning to double its water service to four million gallons a day. That water has to go somewhere. An extra 60,000 gallons a day of wastewater would come to UTSD. We MUST plan for future expansion of our wastewater treatment system. To do nothing is irresponsible. That’s why we’re currently working on a ten-year master plan and a rate study to see how to pay for it.

4. The Jurgens mentioned Reed Smedley would save the district $100,000 a year. Why didn’t he do that when he worked there for 15-years?

All three of the board members up for re-election, Bob Ryan, Jack Reed, and me, Doug Fox, welcome a genuine discussion of the real issues in this race. But please save the platitudes and empty promises for some other race. We have nothing more than our environment, our health, and the future of our community at risk in this election. Study the candidates and choose wisely.

Doug Fox
Board of Directors
Upper Thompson Sanitation District

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