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Not Supporting Rec District Vote

To The Editor:

It’s the run-up to the November election and Estes Valley Recreation and Park District has just announced two ballot proposals that if passed will increase your EVRPD taxes by 393%. No, that isn’t a mistake. Proposed is an increase in the current mil levy from 1.4 to 5.5 mils, an increase of 393%. Referred Issue 4C asks for an increase of 1.2 mils which will generate $473,000 in tax revenues and an 86% increase in EVRPD taxes. And Referred Issue 4D asks for a 2.9 mil increase generating $14,900,000 and a 307% increase in EVRPD taxes. The combined impact of both the mil levy and the bond question will be the aforementioned 393%.

The past several months of weekly articles by the district’s director as well as the current pro-ballot issue column are designed to lull us into the belief that all good things can happen; it only takes lots of money. And it’s yours and mine. Maybe it’s time for the EVRPD board and director to face reality. And it’s time for the rest of us to vote NO!

Phil Stern
Allenspark, Colorado

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