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Newly Formed Estes Valley Disaster Relief Fund Collecting Donations To Help Fire Victims

On the Tuesday after the Woodland Heights Fire that occured in Estes Park on June 23, 2012 members of the Estes Park Medical Center took the lead to invite members of our community to begin organizing various types of aid and services for those impacted by the Woodland Heights Fire. Part of this effort was directed at setting up a Disaster Relief Fund to achieve and distribute financial aid.

The group quickly made progress in forming the Estes Valley Disaster Relief Fund. There are three parts to this fund:

1. a 501 (c) 3 non profit organization to receive these donations so that donors may claim a charitable tax deduction.

2. An organization to receive and process the financial requests

3. A Funding Advisory Board/Committee that will be responsible for making the decisions as to how, and to whom, to distribute the available monies to those requesting help.

Crossroads Ministries has agreed to be the 501 (c) 3 organization which will handle receipt, accounting and acknowledglemtn of the gifts to this new fund. Checks will be made out to Crossroads Ministry, with the memo line in the lower left corner of the check to read, “EV Disaster Relief Fund.” Crossroads will acknowledge receipt of the gift to the donors and will include proper terminology for federal income tax reasons for gifts of $250 or more.

Estes Valley Victim Advocates has agreed to handle distributing and receiving disaster aid applications as well as providing counseling as needed.

The Fund Advisory Board is now formed and includes recognized and respected leaders from our community. Other local service organizations are considering and maybe even planning other fundraisers, they are incouraged to join what this group has been able to organize thus far, creating a single “community coalition” of groups wishing to help those in need in our community.

Also, local businesses wo have already “passed the hat” or have cash donation jars should consider transferring those monies to Crossroads, to be added to the funds already being collected. Later as teh Fund Advisory Board/Committe makes decisions as to who is to receive funding, Crossroads will send the money to the appropriate person or family that had requested financial help.

Applicants wishing to apply for financial aid should call Victim Advocates for instructions, 970-577-9781. Strict confidenciality will be adhered to when applicants apply for help.

The EV Disaster Relief Fund is now a permanent fund, so that when (or if) another event such as this occurs, we already have a mechanism in place to receive funds and assistance.

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