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New Tricky Trails Travel Game Now Available

Playing the game are Paula Edwards, Darren Edwards and Connie Dedon. Courtesy photos

Two retired school teachers have a company called “Tricky Trails Travel Games.” The games are sold in and around National Parks. They are multi-generational games and great for playing on picnics. The revised Rocky National Park Game was completed last summer and now they just completed a game for The Yellowstone National Park.

Connie Dedon, a local resident and Jean Krause, a resident of Greeley and Gould, Colorado will be at Macdonald Book Shop, 152 Elkhorn Ave., from two to four p.m. on July 27 to talk to people wanting more information about the games. You might even find them on the floor of the children’s area playing a game with a kid who happened to drop by.

It all started in 2000 with Connie, a Rocky Mountain Nature Association employee, and a Park Interpretive Ranger working together at the Beaver Meadows Visitor Center on a slow winter day coming up with the idea. The Park Ranger realized early on how labor intensive it was to collate cards, fold the hiking scarves (game board), and put everything into pouches. Consequently, Connie bought the rights to continue on her own. Soon Connie twisted the arm of a fellow, retired teacher friend to come into the business with her. In total their small company has done four games: the original RMNP Game, the revised Rocky Game completed last summer, a game for the Saguaro National Park area in Arizona, and now The Yellowstone National Park Game in Wyoming.

The “game boards” are silk-screened, cotton bandannas with graphics that correspond to the National Parks’ roads and trails. The trivia cards feature topics about the local areas. The questions are rated like trails: easy, moderate, and strenuous. A player could pick which one he/she would like depending on how familiar that person is with the topic. Wild cards allow players to move ahead or lose ground. Printing, silk-screening, and assembly are all done here in Colorado. The graphics on the “game boards” are done by Connie with a local artist, Joan Borel, helping her with the animal graphics. Local photographers have done the pictures seen on the front of the games, Dick Coe and Mary Kiesling.

The cards and “game boards” are developed after a long visit to the areas and after extensive reading and research. Their editors insure accuracy in content. “Because we are retired schoolteachers, the games do not contain typographical or grammatical errors, and there are NO misplaced apostrophes!” says Jean.

Connie taught mostly fourth and fifth grades in the Greeley School system. She raised two boys who loved to play games and now she is playing with her grandchildren. Connie also did puppet shows for Park visitors for several years at the Fall River Visitor Center. Jean taught school in the Greeley School system as well. Her science background makes writing games about nature a “natural.” Plus, she loves traveling to new areas for ideas.

The games are being sold at the Macdonald Book Shop, all the RMNP Visitor Centers, YMCA Gift Shop, True Value, several of the local sporting good stores, Estes Park Museum, and Hallmark. Two of the four games can be checked-out at the public library as well. Please stop by Macdonald Book Shop on July 27th to say hello and become familiar with these wonderful games.

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