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New Show Opening At The Art Center Features “The Beauty Of Nature”

mountainlionartThe Art Center of Estes Park is pleased to present a new show opening this Friday, August 7, The Beauty of Nature with photographs by Carol Gregory. An opening reception, sponsored by Ron and Vivian Gordon will be held that evening from 5:00-7:00 p.m. at the Art Center located at 517 Big Thompson Avenue, in middle Stanley Village.
Carol’s photography is powerful and vibrant, calling you to pause and enjoy. She is able to see the magic of the world around her and capture it with her camera, allowing us to share in a moment in time.

Carol Gregory is a Colorado native, born and raised in Greeley and currently residing in Louisville. She said, “I received a Browne bullet camera as a gift when I was ten and have been photographing ever since. I purchased my first SLR camera in Hong Kong when traveling on a semester at sea program during my sophomore year in college. With this camera came my intense love for photography as a hobby. Teaching was my initial occupation and I taught for thirty years in the Boulder Valley schools. Occasionally during workshops as a teacher, I would be asked     “If you weren’t teaching, what would you be doing?” and my reply was “I’d be a National Geographic photographer.”

She continued, “After retiring from teaching in 2001, I decided to pursue my passion for photography by turning it in to my business, Moments In Time Photography. My first two shows were held in the homes of friends to test the waters and see if I had a marketable talent. My business now encompasses numerous art show, galleries and internet sales. I have had my images published in books, purchased for use in commercial greeting cards and displayed on the walls of a cancer ward in London to provide color and cheer to the environment.

I specialize in nature images, but my photography represents a variety of other topics as well. I travel extensively to acquire these varied images and a typical day on the road begins before dawn and ends after sunset. Living in Colorado is a real bonus since there is so much beauty to be captured right here at home, when I am not on an extended trip. I have only pursued two photo competitions, but in one I received an honorable mention and in another, Lines into Shapes, at the Art Center, I was awarded first place in photography. The Art Center of Estes Park has had a special place in my heart as it was the first gallery I became involved and as a result, has played an integral part in launching my new career as a photographer.”

For more information, contact The Art Center at 586-5882.

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