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New Performing Arts Theater Would Enrich Our Lives

To The Editor:

I am writing this letter to express my strong support for the construction of a performing arts center in Estes Park. We have, in the Estes Valley, a uniquely beautiful natural environment, and we enjoy the results of a long local tradition of using and appreciating that environment. Very little has been done, however, to provide facilities here for the performing arts. I believe that we have been missing a wonderful opportunity to combine the natural beauty of this place with the magnificent experience of hearing and seeing great art. What better place could there be to experience music well performed or a play well acted?

A proper theater/hall would enrich the lives of those who live here as well as those who visit. Such a facility would also provide an additional reason for people to come here. It would, I believe, enormously enhance the “destination” aspects of Estes Park for visitors from along the Front Range and from around the country. A performing arts center would encourage professional and semi-professional performers to come to Estes Park, but it would also provide enhanced opportunities for local talent. This would have an important “community-building” affect of enormous benefit to all of us who live here. I intend to support the construction of such a facility and would certainly be a regular attendee and user of it when it is constructed.

Robert Gunn, Estes Park

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