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New Name, New Offices, New Phone Number-Greet Visit Estes Park Operations

The Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) of the Local Marketing District has officially changed its name to “Visit Estes Park.” Using ‘Visit’ in front of the destination name is quickly becoming an industry standard, and it clearly defines our goal and mission while extending an invitation to all potential visitors. It also eliminates some of the confusion created by the acronyms CVB, LMD and DMO, although our full name is “Visit Estes Park – The Destination Marketing Organization.” Funded by a two percent lodging tax, the Visit Estes Park team is responsible for marketing Estes Park which includes several principle components including market research, traditional and digital advertising, social media, public relations and media publicity, brand strategy, website marketing, direct marketing, group sales, stakeholder partnerships, and collateral such as the Estes Park Official Visitor Guide.

New Office

Adopting a new, more contemporary name for our operations, Visit Estes Park comes at the same time as our move to 1200 Graves Avenue. As the work of Visit Estes Park continues to grow, we needed more space than the Visitor Center could provide. The move to the new office occurred on January 13th and the Visit Estes Park team is now fully settled in our new offices. We also have a new phone number and new email addresses using the domain name. The email address of our staff is always the first initial and the last name of each team member, e.g., Our new phone number is 970-586-0500.

Coordination with the Visitor Center

Even though Visit Estes Park is no longer located in the Visitor Center, the Visitor Services staff and volunteer Ambassadors remain key partners in marketing Estes Park, giving folks who call or stop by the Visitor Center all the information they need to make their visit here special and memorable.

Visitor Services staff will continue to service and fulfill Visitor Center brochure racks and menu displays for our stakeholders. They forward phone calls, and direct people who are interested in group functions (weddings, reunions, meetings) to us as well. We still work closely in coordinating these efforts. We appreciate all that Visitor Services does for us, our stakeholders and visitors. In addition, we continue to coordinate our marketing efforts with the Town of Estes Park Events Department, getting their input on our marketing programs.

What We Do

We market Estes Park using a wide variety of mediums. Print, broadcast, and on-line advertising; digital advertising such as pay-per-click, banner ads, and special promotional landing pages; social media such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter; and search engine optimization strategies so internet users can find us easily. Our public relations efforts result in travel writer stories in major newspapers, magazines and on numerous websites. Group sales strategies include advertising, providing exceptional customer service and attending trade shows.

The Visit Estes Park team engages industry experts with key marketing partners Hill Aevium, our advertising agency, Turner PR, our public relations firm, and destination brand strategy expert, Duane Knapp from BrandStrategy, Inc.

Visit Estes Park accomplished significant marketing programs, publishing an all-new Estes Park Official Visitor Guide, We significantly expanded our PR efforts throughout the United States, increased our social media presence, added to our library of creative assets such as photography and videos, launching a destination brand strategy effort, and completing significant market research studies.

In 2012 we plan to implement our destination brand strategy. Armed with comprehensive market research and a destination brand strategy, we will be developing a new visitor website. We will also be rolling out a new tourism website just for district businesses and residents so that access to Visit Estes Park operational and tourism information is available at any time.

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If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call at 970-586-0500, or email Peggy Campbell at or Stakeholder Relations Manager, Kirby Nelson, at


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