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New Election Task Force Committee Forming

Good government requires good leadership. Because of the community’s concern and interest in the present and future of Estes Park, the citizens listed below have organized themselves as an informal and unbiased committee to serve those who may be interested in running for Town Trustee. To that end, the committee has assembled questions commonly asked by candidates in past trustee elections as they moved through the process. This Information (includes qualifications, duties & expectations), updated in light of recent events and trends, has been compiled from the Town of Estes Park and area associations, together with public input.

We encourage anyone who has questions or may be interested in campaigning for Town Trustee, please email us at We are happy to assist you with this process.

Thank you,

Greg Rosener, Cyd Springer, Kent Smith, Tim Mcphee, Diane Muno, Marcy Predmore, Adam Shake, Julie Phares, Ryan Gaterman, Elizabeth Fogarty

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