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New Bigfoot Tracks Found?!

SquatchFour weekends ago, on Sunday, January 27 Warren Kunish and his wife were walking about a half mile west of Sprague Lake when they saw what they thought might be a black bear track. On the way back to the trailhead, Warren decided to take a picture with his foot in it to give some scale to this print because this footprint was just huge! The photos shown here are what they saw. The Colorado Bigfoot Research Org. has been in touch with Warren and his wife.

Stay tuned for more information.


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  • womanwithpen

    Hate to be a party pooper, but I’ve seen this pattern in the snow many times while hiking in and around Estes Park and other areas, (and so have many other hikers I know). The first time I saw it I deduced that it had been created by snow falling from a branch or something above, which left an indentation in the snow, and then the snow melted away around it a bit. I’ve seen perfect tracks that have bee four-times bigger than these found in Estes. If this is a Bigfoot track, then how come we can’t follow it through the woods to the creature’s den?
    Yea, I know, what a let down.

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