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New Flood Needs

Flood-Needs-FEMASpring is just around the corner and that should be good news, but for those people living along the flood ravaged streams and rivers, that causes a sense of foreboding. Why?..because spring means melting snow and run-offs. Right now many of the local creeks and rivers are out of their beds and debris clogs every bend. Ice dams that have formed will undoubtedly break with the warmer weather and the water released could wreak destruction downstream once again. Volunteers, residents, and government agencies are working tirelessly to try to address this concern.

During the month of March there will be almost 600 volunteers in the Estes Valley to help alleviate this problem, but the reality is that the problem is bigger than these 600 dedicated people can handle. The immediate need is for rental of big equipment, hiring licensed operators, and finding drywall texture specialists. If you qualified to help with any of these needs, contact Assist@RockyMountainChurch. If you feel led to help financially with this concern, contact Crossroads Ministry at 970-577-0610.

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