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Net-Metering For Renewable Energy Offered By Estes Park Light & Power

Credit Issued for Excess Energy Generated by Customer-Generators

A new agreement offered by Estes Park Light & Power will allow customers who – through solar, wind or other approved renewable energy systems – create more energy than they need to feed net excess energy back through the grid and be credited for it.

Credit at 1 kWh for 1 kWh for excess energy generated at a customer’s site, through the use of an approved Customer-Generator (CG) System, will be applied toward the customer’s utility account through the new Agreement for Interconnection and Parallel Operation of Small CG System.

The customer would continue to be billed the monthly customer charge; however, energy generated in excess of consumption would be credited to the following month’s bill. Within 60 days of the conclusion of the annual period, or within sixty days of termination of the service, EPL&P will account for any excess generation, expressed in kilowatt-hours, accrued by the CG and shall be paid for this excess at EPL&P’s avoided cost.
This policy has been in development for many months in anticipation of the passage of Colorado House Bill 08-1160: Concerning Net Metering for Customer-Generators of Electric Utilities. This bill was signed into law by Governor Bill Ritter on March 26, 2008. All Colorado municipalities having more than 5,000 utility customers are now required to adopt a “net-metering” agreement within 90 days of the final adjournment of the general assembly.

In accordance with this state law, the CG system for residential properties eligible for this program can be capable of generating no more than 10kW and a commercial CG system, no more than 25 kW.

Specifics of the EPL&P utility connection agreement include specifications on the CG system – the system must be UL listed and the customer must provide documentation on manufacturer’s data, the recommended maintenance schedule and a wiring diagram which depicts the CG system connection to the utility service. In addition, the installation of the system must follow all building and zoning codes and ordinances.

The customer must build, install, and maintain the system as is specified by the manufacturer. No warrantee is expressed or implied by the EPL&P utility’s approval for connection; the system itself is not guaranteed by the Town of Estes Park. Care must be taken to select a Renewable Energy CG system that will operate effectively in the Estes Valley, especially under violent wind conditions.

For more a complete copy of the agreement and more information on this policy, please contact Mike Mangelsen at 577-3583 or follow the net metering link at under the “Fees” section.

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