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Nature Association Announces Release Of Classic National Park Ranger Novel

Thrilling mountain rescues, dangerous skirmishes with poachers, ski patrols high above treeline, looking death squarely in the eyes. It’s just another day at the office for Bob Flame, Rocky Mountain National Park ranger.

The Rocky Mountain Nature Association, in cooperation with the Estes Park Museum Friends and Foundation, has republished Bob Flame: Rocky Mountain Ranger. This classic novel was written for a youthful audience by Dorr G. Yeager, Rocky Mountain National Park’s first chief naturalist, and released in 1935. Yeager’s exciting fact-based fiction helped define the image of the modern national park ranger.

“In creating the character he named Bob Flame, Dorr Yeager brought to literature a hero who showcased the duties, activities and adventurous life of the modern park ranger,” said historian James H. Pickering, an editorial contributor to the new edition. “Bob Flame exemplified in word and deed the ideals of the National Park Service and its commitment to wilderness conservation.”

The pages from Yeager’s original Bob Flame: Rocky Mountain Ranger appear complete and unedited. The revised edition also features new introductory and afterword materials written by Pickering, Yeager’s daughter Patricia Yeager Washburn and C.W. Buchholtz, executive director of the Rocky Mountain Nature Association, an organization Yeager co-founded in 1931 to assist Rocky Mountain National Park in its missions of conservation, preservation and education.

Bob Flame: Rocky Mountain Ranger (retail price $12.95) is available in visitor center bookstores throughout Rocky Mountain National Park and online at

Founded in 1931, the nonprofit Rocky Mountain Nature Association assists Rocky Mountain National Park, the U.S.D.A. Forest Service, Colorado State Parks and other land management agencies through the sale and publication of books and other interpretive materials. RMNA’s field seminar and membership programs encourage public lands stewardship. The association also supports philanthropy for Rocky Mountain National Park.

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