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Multicultural Connections Assists And Celebrates Diverse Cultures

Estes Valley Multicultural Connections (EVMC) has begun fall classes for anyone learning English. Classes are held every Monday night at 7 p.m. at the Estes Park Public Library. These sessions are valuable for beginners and intermediate students. For more information, contact the instructor, Ruth Olstrom at 303-747-0157.
Since its formation, EMVC has been helping to integrate and celebrate people of diverse cultures in the community. EVMC is a nonprofit organization that assists the community in a variety of ways.

EVMC operates a used furniture store called Furniture Connections. The store offers a place for quality used furniture to be donated to a nonprofit with the donor receiving a tax deduction. That furniture is priced affordably for all income levels and the proceeds help support the work of EVMC. To contact Furniture Connections, call 577-0895.

EVMC is available to offer help or referrals for individuals who may need some type of assistance but face a language barrier. To contact a board member for assistance, call Marcie Kiser at 586-5090. Or, for assistance in Spanish, contact Olga Ortega de Rojas at 586-1098.

In celebration of the rich cultures of our world, EVMC holds a community “fiesta” every year on May 5, or “Cinco de Mayo.” This year’s celebration was held at the Estes Park High School Commons and attended by several hundred people. Attendees enjoyed food, music, and piñatas for the children. The EVMC board extends its gratitude to the following organizations and individuals for supporting this year’s event: Park R-3 School District, and Darrell Fronsdahl; Ed’s Cantina & Grill; Casa Grande Restaurant; DJ ‘Al Capone’; Enrique Rojas, Olga Ortega de Rojas, and Mountain Home Café; Josh Henderson and the Redstone Restaurant.

The board members of EVMC welcome ideas from the community, and they are actively seeking volunteers to help with projects and serve on the board. If you might be interested, contact Ruth Olstrom at 303-747-0517 and learn how you might be able to contribute.

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