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Moving Forward Is Good For Estes Park

To The Editor:

As the April 1st election approaches, our snail-mailboxes fill with literature from groups promoting various positions. I’m always eager to see if factual arguments are presented.

Today’s batch included a card from the “Donations welcome: Friends of Lot 4” which gives three reasons for residents to vote “no” on the sale of Lot 4.

The reasons are not valid.

First, the “Friends” tell us “we need to conserve it for the magnificent natural setting.” This commercially zoned property between the Stanley parking lot and and the back of Safeway is anything but magnificent in terms of nature. The Estes Valley Land Trust ranks this property near the bottom of its priority list. However, it would make a magnificent setting for a new year round revenue producing destination.

Second, the “Friends” advise that “the wellness center is just a risky concept at this time and may not be built.” What? After several 6-0 votes to clear some preconstruction obstacles at Tuesday’s Town Board meeting, it appears the only way the project “may not be built’ is if the Friends of Lot 4 succeed in making the property a long-term taxpayer liability rather than a revenue generator. An aside: a Colorado town an hour south of Denver offered a reported $11 million in incerntives to lure this same “risky” business.

Third, the “Friends” caution that the “wellness center may drain important resources from our financially strapped medical center.” Evidently the “Friends” haven’t read the Estes Park Medical Center’s statements of the support and advocacy for the project. The Center is wisely partnering with this venture in order to increase revenue..

Vote “Yes” for the sale of Lot 4.

Vote “No” to put Lot 4 into a conservation easement for perpetuity.

Moving forward is good for Estes Park.

Ward Nelson

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