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Mountain Pine Beetle Update

Pitch tubes indicate that a pine tree has been attacked by mountain pine beetles.

Estes Valley residents are responding to the recommendations for protection against mountain pine beetle attacks on their pine trees. A number of residents have requested inspections of their pine trees and several trees have been found that were killed by beetle infestation.  Many residents have requested that their significant pine trees be sprayed to prevent beetle infestation. This preventative spraying can continue during June and July. Fortunately the number of trees found that were killed by beetles last year is not large. But the number attacked this year may increase significantly in comparison and that is the reason behind the preventive spraying recommendation. Residents who are considering preventive spraying and have not made their arrangements should do so to protect their valuable trees. Companies from the valley that spray for MPB and who have proven reliable are the following:

Fine Tree Service-Ft. Collins-(970) 377-2851

Ft. Collins Tree Care-Ft. Collins-(970) 484-3084

Kincade Lawn & Tree Co-Ft. Collins-(970) 484-8733

Swingle Lawn & Tree Co-Ft. Collins-(970) 221-1287

Swingle Lawn & Tree Co-Denver-(303) 337-6200
Residents who live next to absentee residents who might not be aware of the problem developing in the Estes Valley might be the good neighbor who alerts the absentee to protect his trees.

Rocky Mountain National Park personnel continue with their efforts to halt the spread of MPB infestation. They have completed their work of dropping and disposing of beetle-killed trees in the campsites near Estes Valley. They also are proceeding with their program of preventive spraying in these same campsites and nearby accessible areas. The Park considers their beetle infestation to be a serious problem with no end in sight.

Town officials will announce soon when the air curtain device will be ready for use to dispose of beetle-killed trees, other dead trees, slash, etc..

For a free inspection and advice, please contact Tracey Feagans at 577-3588, Wendell Amos at 586-5524, or Larimer County forester Dave Lentz at 498-5765.  The Colorado State Forest Service in Ft. Collins (491-8660) also is available for advice and assistance.

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