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Mountain Pine Beetle Update

Pitch tubes indicate that a pine tree has been attacked by mountain pine beetles.

The spray companies have responded very well serving our Estes Valley residents who have contacted them for preventive spraying of pine trees against mountain pine beetle (MPB) infestation. For those residents who have not had their pines sprayed and do want them sprayed, all four recommended spray companies listed below will continue spraying until the end of July. Since MPB attacking ponderosa pines normally fly during the month of August, peaking around the middle of the month, ponderosa pines may be sprayed the last two weeks of July to prevent attacks. The four spray companies have agreed to advise their customers if they schedule to spray a tree and find it has been infested with beetles. Residents should understand that preventive spraying is not 100% fool-proof, but is about 90-95% effective. A sprayed tree can be attacked by MPB.

Estes Valley residents who live next to an absentee resident who might not be aware of the MPB problem developing in the Estes Valley are urged to be a “good neighbor” and alert the absentee home owner of the problem.

If Estes Valley residents plan to trim any live branches from their pine trees, schedule the tree trimming to occur after the first of October.  Trees that have live limbs trimmed will bleed sap to cover the wound¸ and the odor of the bleeding sap can draw MPBs to attack, infest and perhaps kill the tree.

If a valley resident would like a free inspection and advice for spraying, please contact Tracey Feagans of the Town at 577-3588, Wendell Amos at 586-5524, or Larimer County Forester, Dave Lentz, at 498-5765.

The Colorado State Forest Service in Fort Collins also is available for advice and assistance. That number is  491-8660.

Recommended spray companies are:

Fine Tree Service-Ft. Collins-(970) 377-2851

Fort Collins Tree Care-Ft. Collins-(970) 484-3084

Kincade Lawn & Tree-Ft. Collins-(970) 484-8733

Swingle Lawn & Tree-Ft. Collins-(970) 221-1287

Swingle Lawn & Tree-(303) 337-6200

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