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Motor Vehicle Licensing Fees Have Gone Up


New legislation became effective June 1st that requires Colorado motor vehicle owners to pay a late fee on delinquent registrations. This late fee is assessed at $25 per month up to a maximum of $100.
The late fee applies to:

• Renewals past the one-month grace period

• Expired temporary permits

• New vehicles not registered within 60 days of purchase

• Vehicles not registered within 90 days of owner becoming a resident in Colorado

State law requires that all vehicles be currently registered, whether they are being used or not.

Also, effective July 1st, new legislation created “Safety Surcharges” that must be collected, based on the weight of the vehicle. The “safety surcharges” will increase vehicle registration fees by $22.50 to $55. The additional fees will be remitted to the Department of Revenue to fund Road and Bridge Safety projects.

The Larimer County Clerk and Recorder Vehicle Licensing Division is required to collect fees in accordance with state law.

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