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More Than One Golf Cart Available At The 9 Hole Course?

To The Editor:

My mother-in-law is 90 years old, an avid golfer and a summer resident since 1997.  Her first summer, at the sprightly age of 79 she joined the Ladies’ Golf Association and played in the 18-Hole group. She made many friends and held her own, “golfwise” with women twenty years her junior. At some point 18 holes became too taxing and she switched to the informal 9-Hole group.

At first Mom was able to “walk & pull” the 9-Hole course but even that proved too difficult and she had to resort to using the one golf cart available for golfers on that course. Mom’s informal group plays on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. This summer mom has missed many of the Tuesday dates because the only cart is held for another group that also plays on that date. In all fairness, the cart is held for mom on Thursdays when, perhaps others would like to use it, too. My question is, why is there only one cart available for our elderly golfers? Common sense would dictate that a flat, 9-hole course, perfect for the aging golfer would have golf carts available for all who truly needed them.

Estes Park has an aging demographic interested in continuing to pursue their athletic endeavors as long as their health permits. My husband and I credit his mother’s excellent health to the continuing exercise she gets through golf. It would be a kindness to either bring a second cart to the 9-Hole course or let the golfers go where the carts are. You’d make a ninety-year olds day!

Jane Wright
Estes Park, Colorado

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