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More On ADU’s

To The Editor:

Just the facts…..

In my most recent letter to the editor I made the following statements: “The Town receives 75% of its income from tourists. The remaining quarter comes from taxes that you and I pay.” These two sentences are correct, however, the second one could be misleading. The revenue does not just come from local property taxes, but other sources as well. In fact, only about 3% of the Town’s revenue comes from local taxes. With only 3% of the town’s revenue coming from property tax, if we filled the valley with detached, rental ADU’s, it would be difficult for the Town see a noticeable financial gain.

Who is pushing for detached ADU’s and allowing rental of detached ADU’s, despite overwhelming opposition from the tax paying voters of Estes Valley? The Town Hall was packed when the Planning Commission discussed this issue on February 17, 2009. The citizen’s opposition is now a matter of public record.

Why did the Town Planning Department study the AARP recommended practice on ADU’s and leave out very important recommendations like required owner occupancy? Why do developers write restrictive covenants that do not allow ADU’s (especially detached ADU’s) in their home owner associations, as a local developer has pointed out in a recent newspaper article? Who is attempting to push for detached ADU’s that can be rented?

Unfortunately I do not know the answers to these questions, but I hope to find the answers at the joint study session between the Town Board of Trustees and the Estes Valley Planning Commission on Tuesday March 10, at 4:30 p.m. in the Town Board Room. I’ll be there, why don’t you come too?

Bob Trump

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