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Missing Issues Located

Collecting free newspapers proved to be a profitable endeavor for Susie and Ray Hertz of Estes Park. Last week, the Estes Park History Rescue Project (EPHRP) began advertising for back issues of the Estes Park News missing from public repositories, and the Hertz’s were able to supply almost all of the missing issues from their own collection.

John Meissner, EPHRP spokesperson, was grateful that someone had taken the effort to assemble and preserve the weekly newspapers. “When we decided to publicize our search rather than just try to locate them by word-of-mouth, which wasn’t working, we didn’t know whether we would find any of the missing issues or all of them. People probably thought it was crazy to offer so much money for something so recent, plus something that was initially available for free, but these may be the only remaining copies in existence.”

Although EPHRP was looking for particular issues from 2007 and 2008, they ended up buying all of the Hertz’s partial set, which dates back to 2002.

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