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Member Of Life Chain Urges Support

To The Editor:

Nero allegedly fiddled while Rome burned, and the greatest power in the world at that time crumbled to corruption and debauchery within. Our great country is tottering on the brink of a similar collapse as greed and irresponsibility have fiddled away the solid foundations upon which we were founded, and which enabled us to become the most powerful nation on earth. We have been consumed by pleasure and materialism, and have lost sight of the virtues which built our prosperity, so that today, despite having contributed more to the world’s needy than any other government, we are derided by the very countries we have so liberally assisted, and we are failing to uphold the values that made us great!

Demographically we are dwindling in birthrate, as cultures diametrically opposed to ours continue to outpace us and will soon outnumber us. The irony is that the greatest cause of our loss is 100% preventable! Pages of newsprint are devoted to exhorting our citizens to ‘Walk for the hungry’, ‘Run for cancer victims’ ‘Dance for peace’, etc. when the one cause of more deaths than all our wars or diseases is totally ignored; i.e. Abortion. Nearly 50 MILLION lives have been destroyed purely by choice since 1973 when Roe V. Wade was enacted, and wholesale destruction was sanctioned. Yet we continue to fiddle as Western Culture and the greatness it produced in Art, Science, Literature, and every Good to humanity is abandoned and gives way to ideas and practices which have resulted in nothing but misery and despair throughout the world.

The first Sunday in October has been set aside since 1987 as a time to remind people that we are ‘devouring our own young’, and obliterating our future workforce, which will supposedly pay the taxes which will fund our retirement years. Where is our sanity? This Sunday, October 5th, from 2:30 to 3:30 concerned citizens will stand along Elkhorn Avenue in silent prayer in memory of the millions of tiny lives which have been snuffed out, and to encourage those who have been a party to this slaughter to know that there is healing and forgiveness available. How can ‘God Bless America’ when we continue to fiddle while the most vulnerable of His creation are not allowed to see the light of day??

Lois Weaver,
For The Estes Valley Life Chain  Committee

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