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Man Rescued From East Face Of Longs Peak

Longs-Peak-Rescue-May-2014Late in the day on May 27, Rocky Mountain National Park rangers were contacted via cell phone by Samuel Frappier, 19, from Quebec, Canada.  He and a friend were ascending Longs Peak from the western side of Chasm Lake via Lambs Slide when they separated.  Later in the afternoon, Samuel became stranded on Broadway Ledge as he was descending from the summit of Longs Peak.  He was in an extremely precarious location on the east face of Longs Peak at roughly 13,000 feet in elevation.  Samuel did not report any injuries but indicated he could not go up or down.

     The young man is reported to be physically fit but has no technical climbing equipment and is an inexperienced mountaineer.  He was not prepared to spend the night.   Winter conditions exist above 9,000 feet with significant snow and ice.  Fortunately there was no moisture overnight.  Overnight temperatures were in the 30s. Park rangers were able to make contact with Samuel via cell phone.

      Late in the night, the initial park technical rescue team arrived at the Chasm Shelter at the base of the east face of Longs Peak to stage for a rescue attmept.  A Trans Aero helicopter and Rocky Mountain Rescue assisted the park’s Search and Rescue Team.

     This was a significant technical rescue with currently 28 team members and rescuers involved in the incident.  Park rescue team members had to deal with a number of hazards including active ice and rock fall.

Frappier was rescued from his perch at around 6pm on May 27. He was taken to Estes Park Medical Center and subsequently released.

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