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MacGregor Ranch Featured In New Book, “The Walls Talk”

“The Walls Talk” is a new travel guide to thirty-seven of Colorado’s historic house museums. It takes the reader to all corners of the state-not only to well known locations like the Molly Brown House in Denver, but to out-of-the-way places like Jack Dempsey’s Cabin in Manassa, the Hedlund House in Hugo and MacGregor Ranch in Estes Park (featured on the cover).

When author Patricia Werner learned she was dying, her immediate thought was of the book project she’d worked on for six years. She told her doctor, “I need until the end of summer to finish it and find a publisher!” She was granted those extra months to wrap up the thirty-seven stories she wanted to tell, and Filter Press saw the merit in her research and writing.

“The Walls Talk: House Museums of Colorado” guides the reader into the homes and the lives of settlers, traders, trailblazers, adventuresome professionals, merchants, and Silver Kings. There are familiar names-the Tabors, Molly Brown, William and Elizabeth Byers, and the not so familiar such as Lee Humphrey and Pearl DeVere. You will learn more about famous Coloradans like Baby Doe and make acquaintances of lesser known figures such as the mysterious priest who built a mansion for his mother and then disappeared for twenty years or the Cripple Creek madam whose sister told the undertaker, “This harlot is no sister of mine.”

Author Patricia included only those sites that are open to the public, that were actual dwellings and whose furnishings represent or were owned by the people who lived in the houses. Beyond the intriguing family stories, “The Walls Talk” is a tribute to the passionate commitment of museum volunteers and to the work of community historical societies throughout the state who preserve their local treasures and give us a more complete picture of the past.

The book includes driving directions, parking information, hours of operation, admission charges, and web site for each house museum. Contains a glossary of architectural terms and an extensive list of sources.

The book is available for $16.95. Go to, call 888-570-2663 or email

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