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Loves Town Shuttle Service

To The Editor:

Second only to the magnificent scenery and wildlife, I believe the area’s greatest asset is the network of shuttle services that the Town and the Park provide during the summer season. Taking advantage of this network allows one easily to move about Town, move to and from Town and Park, and/or move within the Park. Using these services not only helps minimize congestion and reduce pollution, but, more tangibly, through contact with drivers and fellow riders, strengthens one’s knowledge of the area and its offerings and, consequently, enhances the Estes Park experience.

The drivers are pleasant and accommodating and I use the shuttles whenever I can.

I think the shuttles within the park are well known, but I’m not sure visitors are aware enough about the colored named routes around town and about the hiker’s shuttle going to and from the Park. If such procedures don’t already exist, I would suggest shuttle information and route maps be provided to all campground and lodging registrants during their check-in.

I hope this service will continue for years to come, and to those who make the service possible, thank you!

Dick Brett

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