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Lot 4 Sale-Just Not The Right Thing

To The Editor:

The Stanley Historic District was created to publically identify the Stanley Hotel and its environs as a significant area in Estes Park, worthy of protection from indiscriminant usage, in order to preserve the area’s historic, natural setting. These attributes — history and natural setting, help define the Town’s character and are considered valuable Community assets.

Therefore, as part of the Stanley Historic District, lot 4 is a very special property and befittingly is protected — particularly for being special, by several Town ordinances.

It simply is NOT right that the Town administration would disregard not only established ordinances but also the Stanley Historic District concept and its traditional values and character to accommodate this commercial enterprise! It’s in a Historic District, for Pete’s sake!

This is exactly what they will be doing if they are allowed to sell lot 4 for the Anschutz Wellness Center project. Please vote no on the sale of lot 4.

Dick Brett


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