Patrick Martchink

What is in the best interest of the future of Estes Park? That is the question I ask myself before every vote as a Town Board Trustee. Not what is in my best interest, my family's best interest, or the best interest of my business, but only what is in the best interest of the future of Estes Park?

I ask myself that question because that is what this position asks of me. The position of Trustee is given to the candidates that receive the most votes during an election year. But, that's the easy part. The position of Trustee represents something far greater than popularity and suggests a level of trust be granted to those fortunate enough to hold the title. Trust must be earned through actions.

For the past four years, I've tried my best to act in ways to benefit our young families, children, and workforce to promote a healthy, sustainable community. I've provided perspectives and offered recommendations to help ensure our Town Board represents all of our constituents and not just a portion or whoever happens to be the loudest person in the room. Through hard work, transparency, and action, I've been fortunate enough to earn the trust of those I represent.

Trust is something that is vitally important to me, but I know that just because someone trusts you doesn't mean they're going to agree with you. Nor should they! My hope is that one day constituents will be able to trust their elected representatives enough to believe they are doing what they feel is in the best interest of the future of Estes Park even if they don't agree with their direction on a particular issue.

We as representatives need to lead by example to reestablish the trust that has been lost in our community. I'd be the first to admit it's a tall order but it's one worth believing in and fighting for. During my time on the Town Board, I've proven it is possible to agree to disagree, respect others with differing opinions, and trust that my counterparts are doing what they feel is in the best interest of Estes Park.

As a father of two young children, I'm devoted to the future of Estes Park and I want to see our town thrive. I'm committed to representing my constituents fairly, hearing the concerns of our community, and always putting the position before myself.

If you're willing to work together for the future of Estes Park, I'd appreciate your vote on April 7th.

For Family, For Future,

Patrick Martchink

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