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Local Organizations Step Up To Help PPLC Resident

EP NEWS/ Kaley Schumaker

EP NEWS/ Kaley Schumaker

Jeromy Heron, a resident a Prospect Park Living Center, is a bright spot in everyone’s day. Daily you will see Jeremy on the way to the activities room or to meals, always eager to give you a high five. At age 36, Jeromy suffers from Huntington’s Chorea. This is a genetic neuro-degenerative disease that causes uncontrollable disability in motor function and cognitive processing. There is currently no effective treatment.

The staff at Prospect Park noticed that Jeromy was losing his postural control, that is, he was unable to sit upright in his wheel chair due to severe muscular spasms that caused him to slide. Continual sliding out of his chair has resulted in skin tears to his arms and legs. After evaluation from physical therapist, Barb Gebhardt, she recommended a chair made by Broda Medical Equipment Company that would enable him to lean back thus preventing him from slipping out. The new chair would not only be more safe and comfortable but would allow him more quality of life. Jeromy enjoys activities and outings. During a recent care conference, he was able to verbalize that he “missed van rides.” The new chair would afford him the ability to return to van rides.

Spearheaded by Karen Marler, LCSW, and Resident and Family Services Coordinator for Prospect Park Living Center, a letter writing campaign was set up to request monetary assistance from various organizations in our community. What we all know is that our community is very generous and organizations were more than willing to help out this vivacious young man. A total of $5,000 was raised by donations provided by:

Crossroads Ministries
Salvation Army
Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic
Quota Club
Rocky Mountain Evangelical Free Church
Christians for a Positive Attitude
Bob Butler
Carol Tallakson
Faith Brandt and Friends
Cindy Pipkin
Nurse Betty

“We are grateful to the generosity of these organizations,” said Karen Marler. “We were able to purchase Jeromy the chair he needed. The new chair is padded-top to bottom, tilts forwards and backwards, parts swing away for easy transfer of the patient, and has special padding to protect the skin. He is now safer and can enjoy van rides again.”

Jeremy turned 37 on August 6th. What a tremendous gift of comfort this chair is for him. Happy Birthday Jeremy!

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