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Local Marketing District A “No-Brainer” And Also Supports Community Center

Dear Editor:

Many people have expressed their opinions on matters that we will all decide this November. I write to you today about two local issues. This letter’s primary emphasis will be on the Local Marketing District (LMD) and, to a lesser extent, the Community Center. While I personally favor both initiatives, please note that they are really quite different. Unlike the Community Center, the LMD will involve no new sales or property tax imposed on residents of the Estes Valley (unless they rent short term lodging within the Estes area). The LMD simply seeks a stable, predictable funding source for the marketing necessary to maintain and enhance the economic welfare of our Town.

The LMD has a very active and engaged advisory board that will, if 5D and 5E pass, steer the marketing for Estes in the future This board was selected by a cross-section of people representing the major stakeholders; the Town, County, Chamber of Commerce and EALA. David Tavel has termed support for the LMD as a “no-brainer.” I would certainly concur.

The Community Center is an idea whose time I believe has come. One of the primary complaints that I have heard from young families who are choosing to leave Estes is the lack of a central facility for the young citizens of Estes and their families.  In addition, the 2017 visioning team chaired by Mayor Pinkham also identified this as a desired addition to the community.

Chuck Levine
Estes Park, Colorado

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