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Living Responsibly In Estes Park

ARD-Living-ResponsiblyThe Association for Responsible Development (ARD) announces the publication of Living Responsibly in Estes Park: A Welcoming Guide for Owners, Renters and Guests. This 40 page, illustrated pamphlet, inspired by a similar project a decade ago by the League of Women Voters, consists of eight individual topical sections, providing an introduction and overview of topics that ARD believes are of critical importance to the quality of life of our community.

These include “Living with Nature in Estes Park,” Living with Wildlife and Animals,” “Living with Wildfire and Lightning,” Living with Plants (and Weeds),” “Living with Nature when Building or Renovating,” “Living with Recycling,” “Living with Light,” and “Living with Vacation Homes.” Free copies are currently available at two locations in Town Hall (170 MacGregor Avenue): outside the administrative offices, Room 150, and outside the Community Development offices, Room 210. The Association of Responsible Development, founded in 1985, is “dedicated to preserving the unique mountain character and natural beauty of the Estes Valley, by fostering appropriate and responsible development.”

Over the years ARD has evolved into an organization that, in a non-adversarial way, tries to encourage community participation by sponsoring public forums that explore issues of concern to both Town and Valley. It also sponsors occasional publications such as this one.

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