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Library Hosts Exhibit: “By A Clearer Light”

The Estes Valley Library is hosting a special exhibition titled “By a Clearer Light,” featuring the work of landscape photographer David Halpern. Halpern served eleven times as a National Parks artist in residence, including four times at Rocky Mountain National Park. This exhibition, originally created to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the National Park Service in 1991, traveled across the country for five years as part of the Mid-America Arts Alliance. Today, the National Park Service is approaching its 95th anniversary, and the Estes Valley Library is pleased to showcase this exhibit, with images from Rocky Mountain, Bryce Canyon, Glacier, Capitol Reef, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, and the Great Smoky Mountains National Parks.

“My role is to interpret these national treasures,” Halpern writes, “and to share my vision with you. If this helps to intensify your vision and develop a greater appreciation of these areas that have become part of our heritage to protect and pass on to future generations, then my work will have been successful.”

Among the images is the photograph titled “Ouzel Falls, Summer Rain.” In his journal notes, Halpern remembers his opportunity to capture this picture while hiking on his birthday in 1984. “I left the trail at the bridge across Ouzel Creek, just downstream from the falls, and climbed the hill to get this viewpoint, for the trail affords only a glimpse of the falls.”

“The rain and mist from the falls enhance the illusion of distance,” he observed, “and the even light made it possible to record all the desired detail into the darkest areas of the image. The picture has become sort of a trademark for me and was the best birthday present I could have given myself.”

The public is invited to visit the Estes Valley Library now through February 28 to view this special collection, which is displayed in the “Art Upstairs” exhibit area. The Library wishes to thank Rocky Mountain National Park staff members Larry Frederick, Chief of Interpretation and Education, and Tim Burchett, Museum Curator, for their assistance in making this exhibition available.

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