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Letter To Trustees From Estes Valley Partners For Commerce

Dear Estes Park Board of Trustees,

On October 1, 2013, we submitted a letter to you, expressing our endorsement of the Anschutz Wellness Center project concept. Our support of this concept came from lengthy discussion and evaluation of the direction, details, and potential outcomes of this proposal. Ultimately, the determination made by our Board was a reflection of the Estes Park Economic Development Corporation’s analysis that this project fit pre-determined economic development criteria for the Estes Valley, and therefore had the potential to bring long-term positive impact on the vitality of our community.

The Town Board has in the past stated they want to know what the business community thinks on issues, and would prefer to hear this feedback in a collective manner rather than individual comments. As the voice of the Estes Valley business community, it is our role to speak up and advocate on behalf of our membership. In April of 2012, at EVPC’s most well-attended Business After Hours ever, members and non-members alike were polled about EVPC’s role in economic development. A resounding 93% of membership polled said yes to EVPC leading and supporting economic development, and an equally impressive 88% of non-members agreed. The answer was loud and clear: there is a need for economic development in the Estes Valley, and our business community was standing up and asking for it.

The outcome of Tuesday, November 12, 2013′s Board meeting, which effectively halted the Anschutz project, was extremely disappointing and frankly, hard to accept. In a “normal” Estes Park time, we were already being challenged with finding incentives to attract and retain businesses. In this time of post-flood recovery, we are simply disheartened by the lack of support from our elected officials, from our leaders, for a concept that had been called a “gift” by other communities’ economic development organizations.

We are concerned about how your decision will impact our community. Without business, without economic development, the road to recovery becomes even more difficult. Without confidence being instilled in our business owners and residents, that they can make an educated decision about the future of their home, our town will fail.

We do recognize that not all trustees voted ‘no’ to bringing the sale of Lot 4 for the purpose of this project to the community. Trustee Elrod and Trustee Koenig, we are grateful for your support of the business community and thank you for your willingness to give our town a chance.


The Estes Valley Partners for Commerce Board of Directors


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