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Let’s Create A Place For The Arts To Survive

To the Editor:

We are at a major crossroads in human civilization in regards to the massive technological advances of the last century. Inundated with a wealth of mass media such as radio, television, film, and now the internet, Live HUMAN performance is struggling to survive.

Art forms that have been an essential part of our culture for thousands of years such as theater, dance, music, oratory and more, are at risk of being lost forever. No longer will our premier artists be those who bare their souls upon the stage; but, they will be the computer nerds, stuffed in dark cubicles who come up with the most efficient computer software to animate, digitize and further homogenize our HD lifestyles, in poor imitation of traditional live arts?

Our children will learn whatever and wherever we teach them. I see a growing majority becoming TV, MP3, PC and Nintendo addicts, slavishly attached to their couch-potato based high tech pseudo arts. Give me Children’s Theater. Give me Youth Orchestra. Give me Boy’s Choir. Give me anything that keeps our next generation in touch with their hands on artistic cultural roots. As much as I adore Mickey Mouse, he and his mass produced successors are stealing away my spot on life’s stage, shoving me aside as a mere spectator.

In order that we foster performing arts with education, funding and performance venues, those of the current generation who control the purse strings must be made aware of the truly vital importance of art in our society. Mickey was fortunate enough to have had a real music teacher to help him sing and dance. Who will be educated enough to make the next generation’s Mickey a star?

In Estes Park, SOPA and other like minded organizations have made an excellent first step in creating a place for performing arts to thrive. Please, please allow them the means to complete their goals. Shame on us if we go down in history as the generation who killed the arts due to lack of funding. Let us take back from Mickey Mouse that which he has stolen: our creativity, our art, our humanity. Robert Keep,

Owner, Highland Music Center and Board Member of Cultural Arts Council of Colorado.

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